●●● giving big influence on diet Myofascial Release Technique 大宮 整体 ダイエットに 大きな影響を与える●●●

Cooling giving big influence on diet.
Especially, Cooling in toe.
We will lose weight when your feet not get cold.
Please rub your finger bones first.
Please also refer to the video and try your feet.

Basically it rubs bone.
There is a hardness of the muscle in a place where there is pain.
So Pain gradually decreases.

I am using Google translation because I can not speak English.
I am glad if you can turn on English subtitles.

I have suffered from body pain for a long time, but now I am released from the spirit of my body.
I would like to tell this method to reduce the number of unknown people and to alleviate the pain of many people.

! Important points!
Pushing the same point continually increases the chances that the organization will be hurt.
Please do not press the same place every time. Please relax while shifting.

Seitai Lapel http://ozakiyouhei.com/



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